Saturday, March 23, 2013

Aquaman and The Hulk

I'm not sure what the next step for a live action Hulk will be.  There had been plans for a Guillermo Del Toro produced TV series, which sounded cool, but I haven't read anything new concerning that in a long time.  After The Hulk's popular reception from The Avengers, a third solo movie has been rumored, but talk of a Planet Hulk storyline have already been shot down.  So, it looks like we'll probably be waiting until 2015's Avengers sequel to see old jade jaws up on the big screen again.  With Joss Whedon at the helm again, I am confident that it will be worth the wait.

And what of Aquaman?  Will a Justice League film include him, or does his undersea environment make the character to expensive and difficult to include?  I hope they find a way, because he really does deserve to be included, being a founding member of the team.  Come on, DC - don't let Marvel beat you to the punch with a Sub-Mariner movie!


Russell said...

Will this issue be guest-scripted by Peter David? After all, he has written both characters....! :-)

Ross said...

Good choice!

Bob Greenwade said...

I do hope the JLA movie includes Aquaman. May may not be DC's most popular character, but he is a sort of anchor for the Justice League, much like the Martian Manhunter.

I would, in fact, absolutely love it if Aquaman finished up the movie by saying, "Not only are you all great heroes, but you're also all super friends!"

Anonymous said...

id love to see impossible man and metamorpho or batmite captain action and capt america or kiss vs f4 or asked to join jla or avengers

Anonymous said...

Wow, this cover turned out amazing.

Russel's right, this was made for Peter David.

BTW: congrats on the mention on CBSG.


Ross said...

Thanks, I was wondering what the bump in traffic was from.

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