Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Sandman and Dick Tracy

These are two characters that would be ripe for a live action period piece detective show.  I have often wanted to see Dick Tracy series that really takes its time with the villains (rather than cramming the entire rogues gallery into one film, as Warren Beatty did) and presents Tracy's world in a way that is fantastical but not overly cartoonish.  Sandman Mystery Theater was one of my favorite titles of the 90's and its four-issue arcs would be perfect for translation to the small screen.  With programs like Boardwalk Empire or the upcoming Los Angeles striking a chord with audiences, perhaps the time is right for the adventures of Wesley Dodds and Diane Belmont.


Anonymous said...

dick tracy spirit or phantom stranger team up of for oddness dick tracy robocop or rocket racoon or the thing

AirDave said...

Another awesome cover!

I've never been a fan of either Warren Beatty or Madonna, so I've never seen the Dick Tracy movie. If it's true he owns the film rights to the character, that's a shame to fans that would like to see a new film made.

I grew up on the southside of Chicago, so I grew up reading the strip in The Trib. I loved the cool James Bond gadgets!

I would have loved to see someone like Kevin (The Untouchables) Costner in a Dick Tracy movie.

It's a shame that The New 52 has erased The Golden Age...

Bob Greenwade said...

I read Dick Tracy in the paper every day when I was a kid. The one villain that really caught my imagination was one who didn't appear in the film: the Pouch, a former circus fat man who had all the fat surgically removed from his body, but left all the skin in place. He also had the surgeons fashion that skin into a pouch at the base of his neck, where he could stash all sorts of goods. I decided that, should Dick Tracy ever go to a movie or TV series, I wanted to play that part. It was not to be, rather to my disappointment, though I do think that the Pouch would have been a better choice for the poker game than inventing the character of Ratface. (The Pouch would probably keep an ace in the hole, if you catch my meaning.)

That aside, I'd love to see Dick Tracy revisited as a new TV series, whether I get to take on my dream role on it or not.

I also agree that the Golden Age Sandman would make a fantastic TV series, or even a movie. Either would work well set during (or just before) World War II, with roughly the same feel as Batman: The Animated Series but with regular criminals instead of supervillains.

(And I thought the Golden Age had been erased before the New 52.)

Meanwhile, this is an outstanding cover, and a decent potential story. Who drew Sandman in this?

Ross said...

Bob - It's Dan Christiansen - I check out the tags below the covers, I usually list the artists there.

Dale Bagwell said...

This really is a sweet idea for a team-up. As a newbie to the mythos of Dick Tracy, the movies was my introduction to him and the concept, and it really wasn't that bad for the time. But yeah, a remake wouldn't be that out of place considering the Spirit was made not too long ago.

Love that costume of the Sandman's though; so much so that I own the DCUC action figure of it. Sweet cover.

Derrick Ferguson said...

In 2009 Warren Beatty produced and starred in an odd TV special where he appeared as Dick Tracy, being interviewed by Leonard Maltin. Occasionally it'll show up on Turner Classic Movies when they have their all day Dick Tracy marathon, showing the Dick Tracy movies and serials made back in the 30's and '40's as well as Beatty's movie.

cash_gorman said...

Always thought that Tracy would be perfect as done by Timm and Dini ala their Batman cartoon. A bit reto and stylized but modern looking as well. I felt that their style was very much in the Gould mold but not a slavish pastiche of it.

Joseph said...

This one is freakin' sweet! LOVE IT!

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