Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Batman and The Sub-Mariner (Retro)

Namor has been getting around a lot lately.  Already a current or former member of The Invaders, The Defenders, The Avengers and The Illuminati, he has most recently been hanging out with The X-Men.  Boy, for a supposedly anti-social character, he sure joins a lot of teams!  I guess it was only a matter of time, given his status as Marvel's first official mutant.  I don't mind seeing the Sub-Mariner in a team setting - it's fun to watch him interact with other characters with his no-nonsense attitude.


Mikeyboy said...

Is that a Michael Allred Batman? retro style art...very nice though....among my favorites

Cathy and Dave said...

Imperius Rex! What a cover!

Anonymous said...

Great job again, and thanks for recommending looking over the past "issues." You covered just about everybody I wanted. I only have three more request, and then I'll leave you alone:

the Incredibles
Bette Page.




Request: Batman & American Dad!

Ty Templeton said...

Not a Michael Allred Batman, but a Ty Templeton one. Thanks for the funny cover.

Ty Templeton!

Ross said...

Thanks for the correction, Ty! Love your work!

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