Friday, November 11, 2011

Batman and The Lone Ranger

I used to get a kick out of the Lone Ranger with Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels as a kid.  When we would play cowboys, our imaginary villains would be Butch Cavendish and the Cavendish Gang, the Ranger's longtime enemies.  I was excited when I heard there was going to be a big screen Lone Ranger film, and disappointed that it turned out to be that infamous Clinton Spilsbury fiasco.  Now there is a new Lone Ranger film in Development, and I am surprised that it took so many years for Hollywood to give the property another try.  I hope it will finally do the characters justice, but I'm still unsure about Johnny Depp as Tonto.  I'll withhold my judgment until I see a trailer.


Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

Another cool cover!

Hopefully The Lone Ranger will be better than Green Hornet. Seth Rogen was horribly miscast as Britt Reid. The whole Hornet-Kato thing needs to be seriously re-thought.

I'm not sure about Johnny Depp either. I read somewhere that he channels different personalities for his characters - he channeled Carol Channing for Willy Wonka - which I found to be an odd choice...

Bobby Nash said...

Another cool Lone Ranger project is the upcoming Lone Ranger novel by Howard Hopkins called Vendetta. Howard writes a fantastic western and I expect this will be a fantastic read. It comes out in February 2012 from Moonstone Books.

diana green said...

So glad you used material from the recent Dynamite run. Such a beautiful storyline!
I wouldn't hold out too much hope for the new film. I've heard some reports that they're going to camp that one up too. Sigh.
@Bobby: thanks for the heads up on the novel! Moonstone has been doing some good work, and deserves more attention.

Bobby Nash said...

My pleasure, Diana. Howard is a fantastic writer and has had stories in several of Moonstone's anthologies and works on The Spider and The Avenger often. He's editing the upcoming Avenger Vol. 3that has one of my stories in it.


Bobby Nash said...

Oh, and I'm 99.99999% certain that Howard's Lone Ranger novel won't be campy.


Howard said...

Thanks so much for the plug, Bobby! No, I can state emphatically there will be no campiness involved in my Ranger novel. The relationship between LR and Tonto is one of mutual respect and friendship, and they are equals. I love the character and I hope it will show! :)

Bobby Nash said...

Looking forward to it, Howard.


Mikeyboy said...'s nice and all...I love fellow Kubie Sergio's work....but I like the whole retro look...this is kind of static.
TAKING NOTHING AWAY...your work and mash up works perfectly and the art you used to put it together is the best in the biz....but I like ur retro covers. THEY's just cool!

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