Thursday, November 17, 2011

Batman and The Rawhide Kid

I was glad to see that with the Recent DC reboot, they are still giving the western comic a chance in today's market.  I was a big fan of Marvel & DC's Western Characters like Jonah Hex, The Two-Gun Kid, The Rawhide Kid and Scalphunter.  I think the genre is well suited for comics and provides a nice contrast to all of the super science and fantastical action found in the majority of titles. John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake's The Kents was a great read and I keep meaning to try the current Jonah Hex stories.  Marvel brought The Rawhide Kid back in a controversial mini series a few years back, but the less said about that, the better.


Mike D. said...

AWW COOL!...does this mean ( Hope so ) You're gonna be doing some of the coolest western comics characters of all time? TWO GUN , LONE RANGER , RED WOLF , GHOST RIDER? That would be...almost a dream come true...( real team ups would be the true one )

Ross said...

Lone Ranger appeared just last week!

diana green said...

Actually, the first Rawhide Kid mini was kinda fun, and had great art by John Severin. The second one was full of typical Chaykin mean-spirited attitudes and could easily have been left unpublished.
Also, Rawhide shooting Batman in the back? Gay or not, he'd never do that!
Still, keep up the good work.

Mike D. said...

True Rawhide would never backshoot some one. But....for drama and to sell makes a good composition. BTW - I don't count the Gaykin series as regular's an elseworldes kinda thing.

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