Thursday, November 3, 2011

Batman and The Inhumans (Retro)

I have heard that The Inhumans is one of the properties up for a potential film treatment.  It would be tough to pull off, but if done well it could be a very cool idea.  I think that the Inhumans and their world contain some of the very best Jack Kirby design work and any adaptation would have to embrace the unique look that he created.  The Asgard scenes in Thor showed the potential of this, but they didn't go far enough in my opinion.  None of this showing the helmet for five seconds and then never using it again business, a motion picture Inhumans must be unashamed of it's comic book roots.  A filmmaker like Peter Jackson might be able to do it justice.


Wild Card said...

We all know how this fight will end: Psycho Man will make Black Bolt laugh, which will cause a sonic boom that knocks the villain out.

Neil Anderson said...

Great one--is that a Bob Kane Batman?

Ross said...

Yes it is!

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