Monday, November 21, 2011

Batman and The Silver Surfer (Retro)

Before the studio decided to reboot the Fantastic Four film franchise, there was talk of a Silver Surfer spin-off movie.  I don't know if the reboot plans have scuttled this, but it is something that I would still be interested to see.  The Surfer was easily the best part of the FF sequel, he looked spot on and I liked Laurence Fishburne providing the voice.  They could have a film set completely off of Earth and finally do Galactus justice (no clouds. please). Throw in an appearance by Beta Ray Bill or a trip to Ego, the Living Planet and you would have a summer blockbuster like no other!


Mikeyboy said...


Anonymous said...

Since I have no Facebook account, I just wanted to say I really love this site.

Characters I'd like to see Batman and/or Thing meet: (all in good fun, of course)

Doctor Who
Richie Rich
Uncle Scrooge
Alien Legion
Spy Smasher
Terry and the Pirates (I know; comic STRIP, but I'd love to see it)
Lois Lane (retro, SUPERMAN's GIRLFRIEND style)
Sugar and Spike
Captain Carrot
Black Terror
Popeye (or Captain Strong, take your pick)

Just some ideas. You can see I like "kid's comics" a lot; but I find them amusing even now.



Ross said...

Thanks, Greg - make sure you check the archives... Bone, Dr. Who, Lois lane, Captain Carrot and Sugar & Spike have already made appearances!

Mikeyboy said...

Tom and Jerry,Casper, Spooky , Beetle Bailey , Popeye , SUPER GOOF?

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