Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Batman and The Sinister Six

It will be interesting to see a new take on the Spider-Man film franchise, but part of me was hoping that the new films would continue in the previous movie's continuity.  That way we could have Spider-Man 4 with Kraven hunting the Lizard and Spidey in the middle, then a Spider-Man 5 with Mysterio and/or Electro as the villains... all setting the stage for Spider-Man: Sinister Six!, where the foes from each movie unite to finally try an take the web-slinger down for good.  It would be a crowded film but so cool to see one of my favorite Annuals come to life.  Ah well, perhaps it is never meant to be, but we still have the comics and the animated adaptations of the Sercret Six to enjoy.


Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

Wouldn't this technically be a new Spider-Man #1?


That way Doc Ock WOULD be part of a Sinister Six.

The best way that THAT could work on film is if the film focused on the Six, and have Spider-Man spend the second half of the film beating them.

I'm hoping for a Sinister Six, too!

Michael Jones said...

Wouldn't it be cool if these 6 could actually fight Batman?

Justin S. Davis said...

The classic Sinister Six are amongst my favorite teams.

I would read the hell out of this comic.

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