Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Batman and Squirrel Girl

One of the things that has given me pause regarding the current DCU reboot is that so far, most of the fun characters are nowhere to be seen.  Metamorpho, the Metal Men, Elongated Man, The Shazam Family, Blue Devil and more seem to have been cast aside in favor of more grim and gritty titles.  I hope that changes soon as the diversity in character types makes for a more well rounded universe, in my opinion.  Marvel doesn't have as many fun characters, but I have to say I am charmed by Squirrel Girl.  Here's a character that is fun to read and really stands out among all of the more serious heroes as well as the other heroines parading around in glorified bathing suits.  I hope that Marvel find more outlets for Squirrel Girl, her adventures always bring a smile to my face.  Part 2 of this story is coming tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Good thing Squirel Girl is not in the New DC 52 or else it would be too tempting to remold her in the Starfire treatment.

"I'm bored with this. I want some nuts."

See? Way too easy.

Wild Card said...

I love Squirrel Girl. I keep forgetting to check out New Avengers to see what they are doing with her there.

lead sharp said...

You make a good point regarding the fun characters. Such a shame.

Pete M said...

Currently she is the nanny to Jessica Jones' and Luke Cage's baby. She is more or less there for very occasional comic relief, tho they recently had a full issue dedicated to her(wherein he kept the baby safe from the forces of Fear Itself).

pblfsda said...

Has anyone noticed that after DC rebooted in 1986 that one of wells that they kept going back to were characters that never really got a chance in the 60's and 70's, and that many of them were first done by Steve Ditko? Ten years later we had seen moderately successful titles for Hawk and Dove, Shade, and The Question that each lasted longer than the original incarnations. Even pre-existing characters he took over for Charlton, like Blue Beetle and Captain Atom, lasted longer than their 60's versions. By the end of the 90's Creeper outlasted the original and Stalker played a part in the JSA revival. Maybe if Squirrel Girl finds an audience Marvel will reconsider writing off Speedball as a concept.

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