Friday, October 21, 2011

Batman and The Blue Beetle (Retro)

The Blue beetle is one of those legacy characters for whom I enjoy every incarnation.  I like the new Jaime Reyes version and i am glad that he has gotten another chance at a solo title with the New 52 at DC.  I was hoping the Reboot would bring Ted Kord back in some manner - no sign of him yet but I guess there's still a chance.  I am the least familiar with the Dan Garrett original, but I have enjoyed the few Golden Age stories that I have seen him in.  Heck I even liked the live action, beer bellied Blue Beetle that used to appear on episodes of The Electric Company, that guy used to make me laugh!

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Mikeyboy said...

The Bob Kane origianl design for the costume has always been my all time favorite Batman..Robinson was probably and pretty much my favorite Bat artisit of all time.

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