Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Batman and Thanos

There are a lot of universe-spanning villains in comics, but Thanos stands out because of his unique motivation.  Sure, he wants to destroy half of all sentient life, but it is for more than just the sake of domination... he wants to impress the woman whom he has a major crush on - namely, the living embodiment of death!  How do you reason with a guy who has that kind of sensibility?  I like how Thanos has gone from a Captain Marvel villain to a nemesis for the entire catalog of marvel characters.  I have read rumors that he will be making an appearance in next summer's Avengers film, and while I take those with a huge grain of salt, the idea does intrigue me - it would be interesting to see if he could be effectively translated into live action.


Steampowered god said...

Wow I'd definitely want to read this comic. Bat obviously wins, being the good guy, but how he does it, that should be pretty interesting to see.

pblfsda said...

If you want some insight into how Batman might approach Thanos, try to dig up the ANARKY mini-series. Anarky was a Batman spin-off character who successfully dealt with Darkseid, the character Jim Starlin kept in mind when he began writing and drawing Thanos. Anarky's mini-series ('97)was followed by a short-lived regular series ('99-'00), but Darkseid is only in the mini.

Ross said...

Great Breyfogle art on those Anarky stories.

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