Monday, October 10, 2011

Batman and Sunfire

I remember being interested by Sunfire when  I first saw him as a member of the all-new team in Giant-Size X-Men #1.  I had seen other fire controlling characters before but I liked his unique background and really dug his look based on Japanese dragon designs.  It was too bad that he departed so quickly, perhaps that was because he, like Wolverine, was somewhat of a loose cannon and the powers that be only wanted one bad boy on the team at a time.  I must not have been his only fan, though, because he still makes appearances in the various X-titles from time to time.  I've seen attempts as costume redesigns for him, but I am glad he usually reverts back to his original look - gotta love that mask!


Anonymous said...

another winner!

Rip Jagger said...

I'm a Sunfire fan too. I've loved the look of the character ever since he debuted in the original X-Men run.

He quickly fell into the cracks, becoming a now-and-again type of character, but his costume (a Don Heck design I think) and his personality make him a barrel of fun every time he shows up.

Great cover mash-up!

Rip Off

Occupy Wall Street said...

Great cover Ross! Quite beautiful, actually. Speaking of which, I miss the bonus artwork you used to include with every new cover. Lets see some more unfinished sketches & commissions!!!!!

Ross said...

Those pieces were from my personal original art collection and I have already posted almost everything I own, that's why they don't show up very often anymore... I ran out of funds and wall space so had to stop collecting!

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