Monday, October 31, 2011

Batman and Tales From The Crypt

I thought I would put together a special Halloween cover.  Since the comic book Crypt Keeper looked so much less cool than the live action version (just an old dude in a fright wig and robe versus the beady eyed skeleton from the TV show), I had to come up with a suitable guest star... and who better than the one character in comicdom that has been allowed to remain dead!

I was more of a superhero fan when I was a kid, but I did like to check out horror comics like Tales From the Crypt, Unexpected and House of Mystery from time to time.  They were always filled with pleasantly gruesome morality tales and often had some amazing artwork, both on the covers and the interiors.


Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

Most excellent!

Anonymous said...

wonderful job! I'm actually partial to the early 1980's I...Vampire featured in House of Mystery issues. Joe Kubert had some excellent covers, and any story drawn by mooody Gene Colon was worth reading just for the art.

Anonymous said...

Did Marvel have thier own equivalent to DC's NIGHTFORCE?

Rick said...

Yes it was Tomb of Dracula. WOlfman and Colon worked on it and Nightforce.

Justin S. Davis said...

I actually guffawed when I saw the name on the crypt. Great work.

QUALITY said... howabout Ross? Batman & draws itself!!!

Ross said...

Batman and Dracula have teamed up in the comics as well as in a direct to video movie, that's the only reason I didn't do a cover for that pairing here.

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