Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Batman and The Fantastic Four (Retro)

I understand that The Fantastic Four is due for a movie reboot.  While the first two entries had some fun moments, they are largely missed opportunities.  Hopefully lesson will have been learned and we will finally see the epic FF film that I know is possible.  Ben Grimm's Thing form must be CGI, the man in suit version simply does not work. I'd love to see a take on Doctor Doom that was actually faithful to the comics, but given his large role in the first two movies, it is time to give him a rest.  A better angle would be a Negative Zone adventures, with a suitably creepy Annihilus and brutish Blastaar as the villains.  Spend a little more money this time around on shots of Reed and Johnny using their powers and play up the adventurers aspect of the team and it would be a superhero film that really stands out among the crowd.


Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

I liked the first two Fantastic Four films. Definitely some missed opportunities. I'm not sure if there was any miscasting as poor direction. Maybe poor scripting. Chris Evans was awesome as Johnny. I've liked him in everything I've seen him in.

I think Doom was wasted.

Hopefully the franchise can be rebooted and move on.

I would like to see the Skrulls before the Negative Zone, though.

Ross said...

I've heard rumors that Skrulls may be in next summer's Avengers flick.

Anonymous said...

What I think was missing from the first film was a sense of adventurous fun. (Disclosure: I never bothered with the second film except in small bites on FX; I really didn't like what I saw there, either. The original Lee and Kirby comics were predicated on that 1960s American sense that we can lead into wonderous new frontiers with new technology, and we can do it while bravely smiling. I don't remember a lot of that sort of optimism in the first film. I wonder if that is expected in our modern pessimistic age.

It won't happen, but there is one element from the first film I would like to see in any future reboot. I thought Michael Chiklis was brilliant as Ben Grimm. Chiklis may be a bit old for the part now (at least for the human Grimm, but he could provide the voice, I suppose), and this is too bad. I think his protrayal of the character was spot on: a melancholic man-monster who, though having suffered loss, remains on this side of light.

But, yeah, The Thing's gotta be bigger--CGI him!

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