Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Thing and The Justice League of America

The Justice League of America has always been my favorite team in comics. So many icons on one team is hard to beat. My favorite era is the one of my youth - the Satellite years. I loved how the writers would have the League discover a threat, break into smaller groups for mini-chapters, and then converge together again for the big finale. As much as I was a fan of the Batman and Superman animated series, I was really hoping for a Justice League counterpart and Warner Brothers answered my prayers perfectly with Justice League and then Justice League Unlimited. The only thing I would have changed about that series would be to have it run longer! I am very glad that the JLA has been featured in a bunch of the direct to DVD animated films. Hopefully there will be more to come so I can get my fix. The current JLA title seems to be in a holding pattern with very few of the big members on the team... Rumor is that Geoff Johns and Jim Lee will be relaunching the title with the big guns back on the team afer the Flashpoint event ends. I hope that pans out because that would make for a memorable run indeed.


Worldmusic said...

so that would be the 1980's right? i started collecting when I was in the 3rd grade (1983) and it seems by 1986 the Detroit chapter, which I didn't consider all that bad. Now that Vibe is gone, the new Blue Beetle is practically the only Latino in DC. sigh.

Mattkind said...

That's epic

Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

Ahhhh, "The Satellite Years"! I think that was like mid-to-real- late '70's through the end of COIE (Crisis On Infinite Earths).

I wasn't a big fan of the Detroit League. It was like every dosy said, "Screw it, I'm out!" and left. Wouldn't that be a typical issue of Fantastic Four or Avengers? :)

It would be cool to see Ben as one of "The Big Guns".

I haven't been following...isn't Ben an Avenger now?

Anonymous said...

I think they just announced that after FlashPoint, JLA is going back to #1 with the "big 7" as the team.

BTW: Love the new cover. Ben's line plus their expressions, great combination. :)


Ross said...

Yup, I just read it as soon as I posted. Looks like my theory of a full reboot complete with de-aging is actually happening. Apparently Superman loses the red trunks as well among other heroes changing their looks:

Ostrakos said...

Actually, the lineup seems to be the Big Six, since J'onn is curiously (and sadly) absent. I wonder if he's gonna be in another JL book spinning out of Generation Lost.

Ross said...

Aw, He'll be back by the end of the second arc!

WildCard said...

My JLA era was JLA 138 to 150. LOTS of great stories, including 140-141: Manhunters accuse Hal Jordan of destroying a planet (sound familiar to anyone? :-) Oh, and new hero the Cavalier and new villain Star Tsar.

Bob Buethe said...

Yeah, I know that this is an old post, but I had to drop in to clarify a point. The JLA's satellite era began with issue #78 (dated February 1970) and ended with JLA Annual #2 (October 1984).

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