Friday, May 13, 2011

The Thing and The Flash (Wally West)

While I was upset that Barry Allen was killed off in Crisis on Infinite Earths, I could not complain with Wally West as his replacement. Instead of a new or recently introduced character as often happens when a hero's identity is passed, the mantle was taken on by someone worthy who had been there all along. Wally had kind of been overshadowed by his New Teen Titans teammates, and here was a chance for him to really shine. While I wasn't crazy abut his characterization in the early issues of his self-titled series, Mark Waid and Geoff Johns later picked up those threads and gave Wally a great arc. He became one of the most well fleshed out characters in the DCU as well as a very fun part of the Justice League animated series. I am happy that Barry Allen is back, but I worry about what this means for Wally, as he has faded from the spotlight in the past few years. Hopefully the reality altering Flashpoint series that has just begun will result in a more prominent role for him going forward.


Cathy and Dave said...

Y'know for all the hubbub over Dick Grayson on-and-off again becoming Batman, the Speed Force is where it's at, bay-bee!

There has never been a smoother passing of the torch than in The Flash family. Jay Garrick - in the same costume for over 70 years! - stepping back out of the spotlight as Barry's star shines; then after heroically sacrificing himself for the universe, the mantle passes from Barry to Wally.

I started to follow Waid's run near the end when he introduced Bart and Max. His FINEST work this side of Ruse.

I even liked the future Flash - what was his name Jon Fox or something?

Wally is an awesome character! Truly under-rated...

Ross said...

John Fox was cool as was Wally's future self "Walter West". I wish Wally had adopted that costume when Barry returned, the one he chose is too similar.

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