Monday, May 30, 2011

The Thing and The Joker

For my money, Batman and the Joker have the best rivalry in all of comics. The fact that they are such polar opposites always makes for a fun story. That said, the Joker can be over-used and his appearances are always more effective when he has been out of the spotlight for a while. I have enjoyed the cinematic versions of the Joker, but neither quite hit the mark perfectly. Nicholson captured the clown prince of crime aspect, but was frankly tool old and chubby for the part. Heath Ledger's performance was great and was able to help me overlook the visual which was very different from any comic book version I had ever seen. One thing that both of the movies got wrong is the Joker's trademark grin... the Joker should be smiling because he is crazy, not because his face is frozen that way!


Cathy and Dave said...

Very cool cover!

My favorite issues of both The Brave and the Bold and DC Comics Presents were The Joker team-ups!

This would be an awesome Two-In-One!

Happy Memorial Day!

Richard Freeman said...

I always though Mark Hamill was the best screen Joker

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