Friday, May 27, 2011

The Thing and The Inferior Five

I enjoyed the Inferior Five's brief return recently in an issue of J. Michael Straczynski's Brave and the Bold run. They were a comedic superhero group years before such a thing became a common occurrence. I have to admit as a young lad I was a bit mesmerized by Joe Orlando's Dumb Bunny illustrations. Ben Grimm usually provides the laughs in the stories he is involved in, but this is one case where I think he would end up playing the straight man.


Mike D. said...

I always wanted to take advantage of Dumb Bunny.

pblfsda said...

Ben (kind of) already did meet the I5 in their last issue of new material- #10(09-10/68). It was a parody of several Marvel heroes, so it would never pass the continuity police.

Look for Phil Foglio's 1991 "Angel and The Ape" mini-series. It turns out Dumb Bunny and Angel are sisters, so the I5 are supporting characters.

Speaking of speaking apes, how many of DC's talking primates would Ben need to team up with to defeat The Red Ghost and his Super Apes?

Rick L. Phillips said...

I always loved the Inferior Five. They were great. If your reaching back to the 60;s how about teaming him up with the original Hawk and Dove?

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