Monday, May 23, 2011

The Thing and The Guardian

I am glad that the Guardian has found somewhat of a second life as a supporting character in the Superman books. Sometimes it can be tough to update golden age characters for a modern audience, but I think having him as the head of security for the Cadmus Project was a good decision. Grant Morrison introduced yet another Guardian as part of his Seven Soldiers event, but that version has not been seen since, so I am unsure of what his status currently is. It was a pleasant surprise to see the Guardian show up in an episode of the animated Young Justice series, as he was one of those DCU characters that never got an appearance on Justice League Unlimited. Hopefully he will return and we can see him in cartoon action once again.


pblfsda said...

There might be plans for him. He was a key piece in last year's "Legacies" series.

Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

Very cool cover!
Kirby worked on both The Guardian and The Newsboy Legion back in the day didn't he - what didn't he work on?

What a strange path The Guardian has been on!

God bless Roy Thomas for giving him a pretty high profile in All-Star Squadron!

Malcolm Duncan took up the shield identity for a time...

Isn't The Guardian a clone now? Isn't that where the idea for Kon-El came from?

Ross said...

They were both Cadmus creations, so probably!

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