Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Thing and Metamorpho

Metamorpho is one of my all-time favorite characters, I will pick up any comic featuring him. I loved to draw him as a kid because I always had trouble drawing hands - so I would aways make his fists into hammers or drills or something. I thing Rex Mason makes a great DC analogue to The Thing - they are both rough, straight talking regular joes who fight for good while looking for a cure to the effects of the event that gave them great power, but disfigured them horribly. Rex would have a permanent place at Ben's poker table, I think.


Mikeyboy said...

I always thought that a good name for the She-Thing would be cool if it were MISS THING or MS. THING if you's a take on the ebonical colloquialism Mizz Thang.
So it kind of affrims it as a legitimate reference. Hmm?

Ross said...

Well, she was the new Ms. Marvel before her transformation, so it would have worked for her!

Zoinks! Graphics said...

Prescient blog as always! Isn't there a Miss Thing in Mike Allred's FF nowadays...? Kind of makes sense from the guy who brought us It Girl. And she legitimized that crappy 70s Thing cartoon via "Thing ring do your thing!"

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