Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Thing and Madman

I was a fan of Mike Allred's comics art through his forays into the Marvel and DC universe. I finally decided to check out his signature character, Madman. I purchased the first five TPB's of his adventures and read them straight through. It was a fun way to do it, I got completely immersed into Allred's inventive and beautifully illustrated world. I also got a kick out of The Atomics and its band of offbeat characters. I have heard mention of making a Madman film, but I think it would be very tough to capture the unique look of the comics. Maybe animation would work - Allred's art style would look very cool in motion.


Lee Houston, Junior said...

How about The Thing and Brother Power, the Geek?
I'd have to stop and look to see if it's already been done before I can suggest Batman and Brother Power.

SmearySoapboxPress said...

Ha! That's very funny!
- dale.

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