Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Thing and Judge Dredd

I am looking forward to Dredd, the upcoming Judge Dredd movie that is currently filming. While the Sylvester Stallone version had a few fun moments, for the most part I think that it missed the mark. Judge Dredd should keep his helmet on at all times and has no need for a wacky comic sidekick! I wasn't even a huge Dredd fan when I first saw it and even I knew those things were just wrong. From what I have seen so far, the new version looks to be a lot more faithful to the comics. I also think that Karl Urban is a good choice for the title role. Between this film, Lord of the Rings and Star Trek, he is really racking up some geek cred!


SmearySoapboxPress said...

From what I remember of the Judge Dredd movie, I kinda liked it... if it had been a sequel. It did a poor job of introducing the character and establishing Dredd's status quo. A new movie done right could be a blast, though!

Anonymous said...

Dredd wasn't a Brit!

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