Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Thing and Futurama

I am a big fan of Futurama, it's one of the few cartoons that can be guaranteed to make me laugh out loud. I was disappointed when it was taken off the air because I thought due to its ever shifting time slots, it never got the chance to find the audience that it deserved. Fortunately the DVD sales were strong enough to warrant it's return. I liked the the direct to DVD movies that were released, but I was really impressed when the half hour episodes came back on Comedy Central last year. They were some of the best that the series had ever produced, in my opinion, matching "The Problem With Popplers" (my all-time favorite episode) in quality. My only complaint was that the new season was so short. I look forward to more new adventures later this year.


Mikeyboy said...

where did that image of the Thing come from?

Ross said...


Mikeyboy said...

very cool thank you...I am following that one now too. I love this blog stuff

D said...

Your work is awesome! I especially love the off-beat team ups like this one, or Batman & Jonah Jameson.

The straight superhero team ups are nice too but these weird combos are the best!

How about teaming up Ben with the Peanuts crew, and Batman with Phantom Duck (it's like a Donald Duck as Batman series that was very popular in Europe) or Darkwing Duck (the US version of the same). Also I think you can get pretty cool B&B cover with Batman & Caddilacs & Dinosaurs!

Thanks again!

Ross said...

Thanks! The more cartoony characters are hard to use because it's tough to find art that meshes well with them, but every now and then I find something that works. I have never read C&D but I keep hearing good things, I'll have to check it out.

emiofbrie said...

Small nitpick. It's spelled "L'rr" ;)

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