Monday, September 27, 2010

Batman and The Silent Knight

I didn't think that this project would be complete unless I included at least one of the original stars of The Brave and the Bold, from the early issues before the team-ups began. When I was a kid, I would gloss over the reprints of the Silent Knight, Viking Prince, etc. that were included in the 100-Page issues, because I favored the superhero tales. So it was a few years before I came to truly appreciate them, first for the gorgeous artwork that the stories contained and then for the swashbuckling stories. I am glad that DC is making an effort to collect these early stories for current audiences - they certainly deserve to be read anew and not lost to time.


Bruce said...

This is news to me. IS DC actually collecting/reprinting the first 26 issues of Brave and The Bold? Or the early Showcase?
I'd certainly like to see them in order. I never saw any of the 100-page issues you mentioned.

Ross said...

I'm currently reading their collection of Viking Prince, with great Kubert art!

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