Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Batman and The Phantom (Part One)

When I started branching out from DC characters for this project, The Phantom was a no-brainer. Jim Aparo's stellar work on The Phantom's Charlton series was a precursor to his work at DC with Aquaman, The Spectre and of course Batman. This was a team-up definitely ripe for a full Aparo art cover. Once I started looking for ideas, there were just too many cool images to choose from. So, there was only one solution: Three part epic! Part 2 will continue tomorrow!


Mike D. said...

keep 'em comin'!

diana green said...

Very cool. But for me, the ultimate Phantom is in Don Newton's Charlton run!

Ross said...

Also great stuff! Those two runs really need to be collected!

Randy said...

Dude!! That is AWESOME!!

Doppelgänger said...

I forgot about that Batman on the skis image...that Phantom cover is near iconic so it's the perfect match! You have a gem of an idea with this site and a creativity up to par with it!

LEEE777 said...

Perfect team up that!

Damn they could've even done that when DC had the publishing rights to The Phantom?!?

Would've loved that!

Awesome covers @ Ross!!!

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