Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Batman and Nexus (Part One)

I am a huge Steve Rude fan, he has one of those timeless styles and a real mastery of light and shadow. I was happy to fulfill this request and as it turns out I couldn't decide which images to use so I made this one a two parter.

Doing the legwork on this one made me want to seek out some Nexus tales. So, what are the essential stories? Are there any TPB's that I should start with?


diana green said...

Thank you so much! I was in a figure drawing class with The Dude shortly after Nexus 1 came out, and his work has always resonated deeply with me.
Cool cover!

diana green said...

To answer your question, I'd go with the first four Nexus Archives. That covers the first 3 B & W issues and the first 25 color issues, completing the origin story and setting the framework for the rest of the storyline.
If you don't have $30 - 50 a pop for them, try inter-library loan- a lot of libraries have been carrying GNs.
Nexus is all one big story. Fascinating, moody, witty. And the story recently completed its final issue, so it's possible to read it all!

dicecipher said...

This a great piece. If you hunt around you can find good bargains on the Nexus Archives. I have been picking them up over time, even though I have all the issues.

Ross said...

Well now that I hear Nexus is completed maybe they will put out an omnibus!

Mike D. said...

Dude...I'd like to send you a pic...but you have no contact info...probably for good reason
I'm going to post my faux BnB cover on my blog...My favorite covers....just want to share. Ps I'm working on a Red Sonja too.

Ross said...

Nice Batman/Hulk cover!

Ed Catto said...

If you're in NYC, Jim Hanley's Universe has some beautiful Nexus books and comics on sale!

Matt Bird said...

I would say that Nexus Archives 1-9 is the single best American Comics Epic ever produced. Best writing, best art, best everything. Beats out Alan Moore. Beats out Lee/Kirby. Beats out Lee/Ditko. It's that damn good. And it all builds to a powerful conclusions.

Subsequent archives cover the post-Rude years but they can be skipped.

I was very disappointed that Dark Horse included the later, sub-standard back-up features in their collections, which padded the page count on those already overpriced books. Hopefully IDW will take over the license and give us the sort of digests we've gotten for Sable and Grimjack, sans back-ups.

Rick Lucey said...

I totally agree Steve Rude rocks and it is cool more NEXUS is being created now!

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