Monday, September 13, 2010

Batman and The Rocketeer

Dave Stevens' amazing ideas, artistic talents and design sense made The Rocketeer one of comic's perfect gems. It's a shame he passed away at such a young age. The period setting and breezy tone was what really made the title stand apart for me, it gave it a great Indiana Jones/serial cliffhanger vibe. I think the Rocketeer helmet is one of comics all-time great pieces of headgear, right up there with Dr. Doom's mask and Dr. Fate's Helmet.

I still love the Joe Johnston-directed Rocketeer film and think it is one of the better comic book adaptations. I am cautiously optimistic that he will show as much fidelity to Captain America, which he is currently helming.


Anonymous said...

whens batman transformers coming also how bout cereal characters quisp count chocula trix rabbit

diceciper said...

I Loved the Rocketeer. I picked up the recent hardcover collection IDW just put out. The re-coloring is incredible.

Rick said...

I love the Rocketeer. Wish he could have teamed up with the Invaders.

AirDave said...

Awww, yeah - The Rocketeer! Gonna have to add the IDW collection to my wish list. That was a sweet movie! Maybe now that Disney owns Marvel...we might see more of The Rocketeer...?

Lee Houston, Junior said...

Disney only licensed the movie rights from Dave Stevens for the film.
The Stevens estate still owns the character.
Anyone who would want to produce new Rocketeer material would have to take and negotiate with the estate first.

Robert McKinney said...

Ruby Ryder! I always liked that rhymes-with-witch. :-)

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