Thursday, September 16, 2010

Batman and The Sandman (Garett Sanford)

Rounding out the trilogy of Sandman covers is one of the earliest covers I made, featuring the 70's Jack Kirby version. One thing DC does well is to keep their heroic names alive, whether through legacy characters or by giving the concept a whole new spin. DC went with the latter with The Sandman, and we as readers were treated to multiple cool concepts based on the name and connection to the dreamworld. Of course, The Sandman is currently represented by a legacy character. Sandy Hawkins, the former sidekick to the original Wesley Dodds version, had taken up the mantle and carries the torch in the Justice Society.


Lee Houston, Junior said...

Ok. Since no one else has bothered to comment on this particular cover, I get to be the first.
The Sandman you posted above was my first reading exposure to the term/character.
I thought that take interesting and wished it would have continued. I do remember the last JSA title addressing all the various Sandmen during its run, although I don't think Gaimain's version had that big a role in the tale. I did like the Sandman's Mystery Theatre beter than Gaiman's, but I think that's just because of the JSA tie-in.
But if I can ask Ross: Do you do anything professionally within the comic book industry? Even if all this is just done with MS Paint, you do show a promising creative talent that should have more outlets than just this website.

Ross said...

No, I do not work in the comics industry. I probably wouldn't turn down any job offers though, since I was a kid I always thought it would be cool to work in comics! These days it's probably a tough place to make a living though, I imagine.

Ed Catto said...

Love the Sandman trilogy.
And we'd love to publish you in an upcoming issue of our comics, Ross. Wanna talk?

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