Sunday, June 27, 2010

Batman and Prez

Going to the well of obscurity once again with this one. Prez Ricard was "The First Teen President" and had a very short-lived DC series in the 70's. Other than as a guest star in a Supergirl tale around the same time and a retro Vertigo one-shot, I don't think he has made an appearance again. Still he is such an off beat product of his times, people seem to remember him. I actually had one of his issues, and it was funny to read the "hip" teen dialogue, clearly written by a middle aged man.


Jesse said...

Prez was brought back in issue #54 of Sandman. That was followed by the Vertigo one-shot. Thanks for making these covers! I'm a big fan!

Michael Jones said...

I liked Prez back in the day. I'd hoped you'd feature him.
Request for another obscure early 70s character...Rima, The Jungle Girl!

Rick said...

I was the age they were aiming for back then and thought Prez was a weird book. I recenlty bought a back issue to see if my taste had changed. My taste in books must still be the same as it still seems weird. But this would have been an interesting team-up.

LawREVIEW said...

I second the request for Rima the Jungle Girl (with the Palestinian/Lebanese name!) Ahhh, DC!

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