Friday, June 4, 2010

Batman and Invincible

Invincible is a character I will have to read more of. I picked up his crossover with Spider-Man in Marvel Team-Up and got a kick out of it. Robert Kirkman is a pretty dependable writer and the relationship with his father, Omni-Man seems interesting to me. Once I finish my unread stack of Essentials and Showcases, I might just go out and pick up some of the Invincible collections.

The Batman on this cover is by JL Garcia Lopez - here's a JLGL sketch of a character that he made quite a mark on, Deadman:

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Michael Jones said...

Deadman rocks!! Invincible...never heard of him.

Rick said...

Garcia Lopez, especially on Deadman, can give Neal Adams a run for his money.

Johann said...

thank you i requested this in yesterday post, i hope you could do one o Omni-Man

Anonymous said...

I am loving your site. Easily one of the best comic blogs out there. Can I put in a request for Batman and the (original ) Global Guardians?

Ross said...

I don't know how many images there are floating around of them, good suggestion, but a tough one!

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