Sunday, June 13, 2010

Batman and Four Famous Co-Stars! (Colossus, Superman: Red Son, Crimson Dynamo & Red Star)

I've been wanting to use the B&B #100 cover layout with 4 guest stars for a long time but I could never come up with the right concept. I was trying to think of a Batman/Colossus concept when I thought it might be fun to throw in some more Russia based characters.

Red Star was originally called Starfire, but he relinquished that name to the more popular Teen Titan.

Crimson Dynamo was always my favorite of Iron Man's armored adversaries/allies - I thought his armor had a great formidable tank quality to it.

Superman: Red Son is from the excellent Elseworlds story of the same name. Easily one of Mark Millar's best works, I highly recommend it.

Colossus is, of course, the very popular X-Men member. I used an image by his co-creator, Dave Cockrum.


Scott Bryan said...

This was well done. Thanks! It's great!

Michael Jones said...

I love this cover, comrade. Furthermore one of the best/worst Bat-puns ever!

Ross said...

It can't be helped. I come from a long line of bad punsters.

Cabin Campbell said...

Another Amazing Amalgamation!

Unknown said...

I believe the Giant-Man sketch was actually Dave's redesign of Black Goliath. Dave was assistant art director at Marvel during this time -- and could have been assigned this job. There really wouldn't be any other reason for him to have drawn this character.

Ross said...

That would make it even cooler to me, so I hope it's true.

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