Sunday, June 13, 2010

Batman and Detective Chimp

One thing I like about DC is that no character or concept is too old or off of center for them to dust off and give another shot every once in a while. Detective Chimp had fallen well off the radar when he was reintroduced as a member of Shadowpact. I really enjoyed the work that Bill Willingham did with him on the title.

My favorite JLA/JSA crossover was the George Perez-penciled 3-parted featuring the Secret Society of Super Villains. It was there I was introduced to the Ultra-Humanite, in his simian form. I've been a big fan of his ever since, and was happy to finally find a cover to use him in.

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Randy said...

That JLA/JSA story was MY introduction to the Ultra-Humanite as well. I bought the story as it originally came out. It also was my introduction to how great comic book simians are!

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