Saturday, June 5, 2010

Batman and Moon Knight

Since Moon Knight is the closest character Marvel has to Batman, I always felt that this would be a natural and interesting team-up. I love the character's look and the multiple secret identity angle is a cool one. Unfortunately too often he is played as borderline (or over the border) crazy and seems to fight the same couple of villains over and over, which has turned me off to his more recent titles. I still think he has great potential, and always check in when a new creative team takes a crack at his adventures. Hopefully someone will find the right balance and recapture some of the excitement of his original series.


Bruce said...

I like where you say that Moon Knight "too played as borderline (or over the border) crazy". Closest Marvel character to Batman, indeed.
I for one have not followed Moon Knight, but from the surface, it seems that he would go well with Ghost. If they've ever crossed over, I'd like to hear about it.

Rick said...

Marvel has always waffled between him and Daredevil as being their Batman character. Moon Knight is better as Marvel's Batman. I don't like it when they play him as acrazy either. I loved his first series when he was spun off of Werewolf by Night. Since then I lost interest. Not just Moon Knight but all of Marvel's characters need new creative teams to bring them back to their days of glory.

Randy said...

Always wanted to see a DC/Marvel crossover with these two. Daredevil and Spidey are good match-ups with Batman but this one should have been a no-brainer back in the 90s.

Maybe someday.

Still, this cover is a nice tribute to what could'a been.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a Batman/Moon Knight crossover but I think the mirror image symmetry would pose a creative challenge for whoever writes the story. The early crossovers (Superman/Spiderman, Batman/Hulk) had less symmetry in terms of the characters background, abilities and appearance which gave the writer greater flexibility. And I would love to see Moon Knight without the boring schizoid personality and supernatural enhancements. Batman had issues but they drove him, not disabled him. A big plus would be The disguises both characters have used (Jake Lockley/Matches Malone).

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