Thursday, June 3, 2010

Batman and Mogo

Here was a case where a good friend of mine tried to stump me with a request. However, the planet sized Green Lantern member was always a favorite concept for me (ever since the great Alan Moore tale, Mogo Doesn't Socialize), so I was happy to take up the challenge. One thing I am proud of on this cover is that it is one of the few ones where I had to create a logo for the guest star, and I think it came out well.

The Green Lantern Corps is a great concept in that they fully embrace the weirdness of sentient forms in the universe and have members of every shape and size. I am eagerly awaiting the Martin Campbell directed Green Lantern movie not only to see the main character in live action, but the more alien side characters such as Kilowog, Tomar Re, Abin Sur, and so forth. It should be great fun and hopefully turn a lot more people onto this cool property.

Here's a page of original art featuring Xylpth, another one of the more obscure GL's, by the very talented Jerry Ordway:

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Josh said...

Love Mogo and am dying for the GL movie too. As always, great work. I love your stuff, I check it everyday.

Johann said...

Another great cover always the GL corps and it good to see they getting some love from DC now.
I got a request for a Invincible & Omni-Man cover

Rick said...

I can't wait to see the GL movie but I don't think we will see the strange aliens of the Corps., other then Abin Sur, till the sequel.

Jack Roberts, Annabelle's scribe said...


Ross said...

Rick, all the aliens I mentioned have been confirmed to be in the upcoming GL movie by none other than the consultant, Geoff Johns himself. I wouldn't get your hopes up for nothing!

Worldmusic said...

My favorite GL character appeared in a one-shot back up story in an issue where GL fought Evil Star. In DC's Who's Who (remember that?) he's called The Green Man. The story was brief, elegant, and powerful. A caravan tribe of "Gypsy/Aliens" must cross through some sort of black hole quasar, that might destroy. They cannot accept help from the GL because it is against their culture. So the Green Man nominates a brash youth among them to become a Green Lantern, who wipes out the Black Hole. I was young when I read it, but I though it an excellent, self-contained story. The logical thinking Green Man came off a like a Spock/Batman character.

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