Friday, June 11, 2010

Batman and Mr. Fantastic

Mr. Fantastic was always cool because his intellect and personality made him stand out against the other more humorous themed stretching super heroes. I remember liking the fact that that most artists resisted the urge to show Reed Richards stretching his neck, because that would be undignified for a man of his stature.

I am enjoying Jonathan Hickman's take on Reed in the current Fantastic Four series, full of big ideas, but not forgetting the importance of family - which is what the FF is all about to me.


Maxi! said...

Super! It's simply...marvelous??? Reed and Bruce!. This is amazing blog.

Rick said...

Good match up.

Worldmusic said...

This original issue of Batman and Rose & the Thorn was actually my very first Brave & the Bold issue. Thanx for bringing me back.

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