Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Batman and Nova

I'd be interested to hear any opinions of Nova's most recent series at Marvel. I remember quite liking his original series and various guest appearances. From what I read of his time in New Warriors, that series didn't do him justice in my opinion. Erik Larsen's series was fun, but too short to really gain momentum. I had read some nice reviews of his latest exploits, but It seemed that his series was very tied in with the overall Annihilation group of cosmic Marvel books, and I would have to buy multiple other titles to get the whole story. If the Nova series can stand solidly when read on its own, I might be tempted to pick up some of the TPB's

This is one of the team-ups I would really like to see, Just because the two heroes are so dissimilar in personality and method.


Rick said...

I would love to have seen this team-up. Nova is a favorite of mine. By a strange coincidence Nova is featured on Mail it to Team-up today as well at http://mailittoteamup.blogspot.com/
I loved the original series but haven't cared for the others. Marv Wolfman needs to be hired to write for him again.

Ross said...

That's a great Nova/Thor issue. Any fans of this blog should definitely check out Rick's!

Rick said...

thanks for the kind words.

Corey said...


As someone who is reading Nova in trades, I think it stands alone just fine. You might want to at least get Annihilation Book 1 to read his first mini-series that led to his more recent ongoing but otherwise, I think you'll be fine.

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