Saturday, November 23, 2019

Captain America and Sandman in: "A Debt to Yesterday!"

I like the concept art that I am seeing for Falcon & The Winter Soldier.  The Falcon's new costume looks great, the most comic accurate so far.  It should  be even more impressive when he has the wings and shield out.  Baron Zemo apparently will be donning his famous purple head mask at some point in the series as well. 


Carycomic said...

How could Wesley Dodd get to the future from 1942? Professor Zee's time-ray projector? Or is this Alexander "Sandy" Hawkins, disguising himself as the Golden Age Sandman so he and Cap go back to 1942 via some latter-day time machine (like the Doc Doom platform confiscated by Reed Richards) to prevent some kind of retroactive sabotage of history?
Like, say, Arnim Zola creating another Hate-monger clone and then sending it back to incite a race war between Native Americans and Caucasian-Americans...starting on Thanksgiving Day.

Something tells me that Ross will be having us tune in tomorrow (again!) for the answers to those questions. ;-D

Bob Greenwade said...

I think it's most likely Doctor Fate's magic that sent Wesley to 2019 to fetch Cap. The real question is, why is the Justice Society calling on Cap's 2019 self, rather than finding him in 1942? It's probably some knowledge, skill, ability, or other experience that Cap's only just acquired. Well, we've most recently seen him and other Avengers helping Orion to fight Brimstone last August, which led to him being re-frozen until Tintin got him out just a couple of weeks ago. I'll let others figure out what that might have caused.

With any luck, we'll find out something about it next month, when Cap teams up with the Justice Society (including Sandman and Dr. Fate) to stop Per Degaton from boosting Red Skull's latest scheme!

Meanwhile, as a prospective Golden Age Sandman cosplayer, my attention was drawn to what normally would be an incredibly petty and meaningless detail, and probably still is anyway: Wesley's socks. I initially thought, "Okay, now I know what color socks Sandman wears!" But then I saw that one is black and the other is white. Well, maybe his left one is just obscured and in shadow...? Is that a color issue from the original art, or what?

(On another note, that Sandman pic looks like it should've been used with a Spider-Man team-up. Or, at least, it could've.)

Anonymous said...

@Bob Greenwade: only, this time, Cap wound up frozen in Antarctic ice! As the Avengers no doubt went down to the Savage Land to help Ka-Zar protect that realm from Darkseid (as implied with STF #2679).

It'd also be more fitting for Spidey to team up with the Golden Age Tarantula (for an encore).

Davejonz said...

Really like this one, the night sky backdrop, the triangle of the 3 superheroes, and the story hook - what's the mysterious business in 1942. I'd love to see a follow-up, maybe involving Cap's other half, Wonder Woman.

bldg_sci_dev_NJ said...

Because of College Football, Superman and the Avengers is trending on Twitter. Thought it might be a tip to your next cover...

Anonymous said...

Superman and Namor go under to help spongebob!
Bob, he is wearing 2 white socks. One foot is in the shadows but bring it larger and you'll see some white there.

Wonder Woman, She-Hulk, Powergirl and Zatanna do things in 4D?

Carycomic said...

Namor vs. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy!*

* "Nuff said."

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