Friday, July 12, 2019

Spider-Woman and Hawkwoman

Jessica Drew is long overdue to join the MCU.  There are plenty of ways to introduce her, given her ties to S.H.I.E.L.D. and  her thematic similarities to Spider-Man.  She's even been wearing a far more movie-friendly costume in the comics for the past few years.  She had her own cartoon in the 80's, surely some of the viewers of that show are now adults in the movie business that would be happy to work on her live action adventures.


jlbgriggs2 said...

I love this cover!

AirDave said...

Are you reading Hawkman?! Shadow Thief IS back! With an upgrade from Luthor. I guess it's all part of this Year of the Villain thing. This month it's Shadow Thief - next month it's The Shade! (O_O)

I agreee with everything you say about Spider-Woman!

Carycomic said...

I remember the Spider-Woman cartoon, all too well. To describe it as a radical departure from the Marvel comic book would be putting it mildly! I can only hope a live-action feature film completely omits the magazine-publishing maiden aunt gimmick.

Because the only difference between Jessica Drew's made-for-cartoon nephew and Mightor's sidekick Little Rokk was about umpteen million years!

Anonymous said...

Good point! I don't know anyone, who's ever watched re-runs of "Mightor," who isn't grateful that that cave-brat went extinct.

det_Tobor said...

I've been a big fan of the Thanagarian couple since their debut in Brave & the Bold.
Joe K nailed it with his designs of the Hawk couple AND their (Katar Hol)(Shayera Hol)
identities. Shayera was about 180 degrees away from the Lois Lane type of girlfriend that DC gave so much (read Vickie Vale, Iris West).

But I HATE what DC has done with them now - Shayera the Queen and divorced Katar, the dead Savage Hawkman. Same couple, but majorly screwed up timeline. Good storytelling? Not even close!

Jessica Drew got pushed out of the spotlight by Jessica Jones. The original origin for J.D. made her an interesting fit with Steve Rogers and his experimental background.

As to the story, i'd vote for sabotaging a future prize and have him get frozen or paralyzed as he grabbed it. How would he interact to sound waves like the Canary cry?

Bob Greenwade said...

How about a big-screen animated version of Jessica? Sony is making plans for a spin-off of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse called Spider-Women, featuring Gwen Stacy, Jessica Drew, and Cindy Moon. (Personally I think they could also include Peni Parker, but that's just me.)

That's in addition to a direct sequel continuing Miles Morales' story, and another possible spin-off featuring Spider-Ham.

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