Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Superman and The Son of Satan

As much as I loved superheroes growing up. I never dressed as them for Halloween, usually opting for something traditional and scary like a vampire or werewolf.  Only later when I went to more adult parties did I start whipping up superhero costumes - Green Lantern, The Flash, Superman, Bizarro... and my current emergency go-to, Clark Kent (Hair in a spit curl, glasses, suit with shirt unbuttoned to reveal "S" below). 


Cary Comic said...

"Great Scott! Where's a phone booth with tinted glass when you need one?"

Lol! That's what I thought Christoper Reeve (as Clark Kent) must have been thinking, the very first time he saw an open-air payphone kiosk, in the 1978 feature film SUPERMAN.

Re: today's cover? Not the playfully spooky one I was hoping for. Like, say, Stanley & His Monster trick-or-treating at the front door of Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum?

But, it is suitably dramatic, as per your usual editing brilliance. Bravo! Thank you! And, of course...HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Glenn Host said...

I liked Hellstorm in the Defenders. He is like a lot of heroes with hellish backgrounds struggling with his background.

A team with that background called Hellspawn (Ghost Rider, Raven, Hellstorm, etc) would be cool.

Anonymous said...

This story would be a great read !

I'm surprised that some large conglomerate hasn't merged DC and Marvel to do this !

I'll say this imaginary tale would have been better than the crap the two companies put out together in the 1990's !

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