Thursday, October 12, 2017

Doom Patrol and Deathlok

I was interviewed this past week by Emily Scott and Dean Compton on their show, Her Dork World, His Dork World (you can find the link to listen a few posts before this) .  I was surprised when Dean said he had a team up suggestion for me - Doom Patrol and Deathlok - because I had created a cover featuring that same pairing just a day or two before.  I don't know if Dean has been spying on me or if great minds just think alike, but here it is.  Something tells me that once they settled their differences, Deathlok would be right at home as a member of the Doom Patrol, being somewhat of a heroic outcast himself.


Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Damn Ross, that's one of the many reasons I like you and your site; featuring team-ups I'd never have thought of, especially this one pairing up the Doom Patrol with Deathlok. And the setup works for me, with Deathlok having been given orders to abduct the Cheif. Very much in character for the 70's version of Deathlok.

As for joining the team....I don't know about that. He's not much a joiner, even though I can imagine him and Cliff getting along REALLY well since they have so much in common. Maybe, maybe....

Anonymous said...

Even if he did join the DP's, himself, DC would probably just subject the team to another semi-annual reboot, like they have every other post-Crisis incarnation of the team.

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