Sunday, October 29, 2017

Cloak & Dagger Vs. The Demon

Continued from yesterday's cover, we now see who Constantine sent our heroes after.  Another reason that I like Cloak and Dagger is that they work well in both street-level adventures and stories that involve a supernatural element.  It might be fun to see them mix it up with the likes of Etrigan.


Anonymous said...

no thiller here....that sure is

Cary Comic said...

Well, I knew you were going to prove me wrong, my friend. But, Cloak and Dagger vs. Etrigan? Once again, in compiling a sequel, your brilliance proves to have no equal.

Cary Comic said...

P.S.---any chance of Etrigan going up against Hellboy?*

*My money would be on the latter.

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