Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Red Star and Colossus

The X-Men films seem to be embracing the 80's era line up, and so I was disappointed that Colossus has not been added back into the mix,  I guess he is being reserved for the Deadpool sequel perhaps.  Hopefully Cable's arrival as new straight man won't diminish Piotr Rasputin's contributions too much.

 Colossus encountered Red Star once before, on a very early MS Paint B&B cover...


Mateus Honrado said...

Well, his sister is going to be appear in New Mutants after all.

Bob Greenwade said...

I title this story: "The Siberian Candidate"!

Nicely done, Ross!

Cary Comic said...

"But, who's really in charge?"

My first guess: the Presence.

My second guess: Valentina Vostok and the Mandrill.

AirDave said...

New Teen Titans #18 is one of my many, many favorites. What a great story!
This could be just as good!

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