Sunday, June 11, 2017

OMAC Vs. Devil Dinosaur

Jack Kirby was well known for his designs of high-tech machines, weapons and vehicles, and for good reason.  He also could make low-tech action just as exciting though as the nature scenes from comics like Devil Dinosaur illustrate.  And in titles like Black Panther and Kamandi, he got to do both!


Mr. High said...

Nice Kirby tribute. Do you have anything special planned for his upcoming 100th birthday?

I would also love to see something with Batman '66 as a tribute to the great Adam West (maybe a team up with classic Star Trek or classic Planet of the Apes).

Dale Bagwell said...

Another great cover featuring two Sons of Kirby going at it.
Have you teamed up Kamandi w/ Moon Boy and the Devil Dinosaur before?

Also a Adam West tribute would really be nice to see from you as well.

Ross said...

Yes, Kamandi has met DD. I'll try to do something for the King's 100th. I posted a West tribute on my FB fan Page and Twitter yesterday.

Cary Comic said...

My Top 3 Favorite Masterpieces of "King" Kirby Artwork?

3.) Don Rickles meets "Goody" Rickles from SUPERMAN'S PAL JIMMY OLSEN #139-141.

2.) FANTASTIC FOUR v.1/#100.

1.) CAPT. AMERICA v.2/#200.

Simreeve said...

DC's doing more than just the 'Kamandi Challenge' for the King's 100th, too. Next month they have a set of one-shot 'Specials' being released: Darkseid, Manhunter, Sandman (the Silver Age one), Newsboy Legion/Boy Commandos, Black Racer/Shiloh Norman, and I think one or two more...

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