Saturday, June 6, 2015

Wonder Woman and Captain America in "Love at First Newsreel!"

I figured that for this latest installment in the ongoing romance between Wonder Woman and Captain America, I would go back to the beginning where they originally met.  It's always fun looking at old covers from Captain America's original series or Sensation Comics.  There was always so much going on, I can imagine they leaped right off the magazine racks back when they were originally on sale.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful re-creation, Ross. So, I repeat: you are definitely on the biggest roll.


Sonofjack Well said...

"Crime Has No Curfew" That's so hilarious because it sounds so much like a real comic book story title. I hold that people appreciate all the little details you add to your covers. If only somehow we could actually enjoy all the stories you've helped us to imagine. Thank you.

Ross said...

Thanks, guys - I appreciate the kind words!

Mr. Acer said...

Hmmm....Diana and Steve, Wonder Girl teaming with Bucky.....Best I can come up with in terms of authority figures are a team-up between Hippolyta and General Chester Phillips, or 'Happy Sam' Sawyer.

On another note, here's a cover idea that'll be a great by the numbers piece: the Fantastic Four meet the Bionic Six!

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