Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dr. Fate & Dr. Strange meet Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Continued from yesterday's cover, now we know what the Doctors had to journey underground for.  TMNT seems to be enjoying somewhat of a revival due to the latest movie franchise.  I haven't checked out the first one yet - it looked a bit too CGI heavy and I've been burned by Michael Bay movies before.  It did well in the theaters though and  I do like the idea of Stephen Amell as Casey Jones for the sequel, so maybe I wuill give it a shot.


Anonymous said...

I have no faith in the movie-ticket-buying public. Just because a movie "did well" at the box office doesn't mean it was a good movie. The flock of sheep who munch popcorn in a cineplex each weekend will usually choose the most mind-numbing flick to patronize. How else do you explain the success of filmmakers such as the aforementioned Michael Bay or stars like Adam Sandler?

Mr. Acer said...

If anything, Michael Bay would have been better suited to bring Extreme Dinosaurs to the big screen--that show seemed more like his style.

Anonymous said...

To my namesake: I agree with you about Adam Sandler. I haven't watched one of his movies since he ruined BULLETPROOF! But, my only complaint with the newly-released JURASSIC WORLD is the lack of any familiar faces from the three previous movies. Couldn't they. at least, have included a cameo by the guy who played Alan Grant's protege' in JPIII?

As for the inclusion of TMNT on this cover? A pleasant surprise, Ross! I was sure you were going to utilize another THOR cover from the 1970's.*

*If memory serves, yesterday's cover was originally used for an issue of THOR, guest-starring Hercules, and featuring some kind of embodiment-of-fear entity.

Anonymous said...

Yep! I was right. THOR (v.1) #229-230.

Sonofjack Well said...

I did NOT see this coming. Very nice.

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