Saturday, June 27, 2015

She-Hulk Vs. He-Man

With William Hurt slated to appear again as Thunderbolt Ross in Captain America: Civil War, rumors have been swirling about an appearance by the Red Hulk.  I think it's crazy that he would get a live action turn before Jennifer Walters.  Hasn't she paid her dues yet?  I still feel like a TV show would be great - half courtroom antics and half superhero action.  Heck, it might even be fun if they include the twist that She-Hulk knows she is a fictional character by having her address the camera directly like Kevin Spacey's Frank Underwood does in House of Cards, evoking her series by John Byrne.

Thanks to Marc Tyler Nobleman, comics historian and author of Boys of Steel and Bill the Boy Wonder,  for suggesting this match up!


Anonymous said...

Actually, the John Byrne take on She-Hulk is what _ruined_ her comic for me. That type of 4th Wall-breaking is better off where it currently is: with Deadpool.

As for this cover? Well done! It invokes the possibility that Skeletor is manipulating both of them through Evil-lyn impersonating Shulkie!

Anonymous said...

And She-Hulk adds another muscle bound lad to her bedroom list. ;))

Alaric said...

Heh. The two of them should team up with It the Living Colossus- they could be the Pronoun Squad.

Anonymous said...



Unknown said...

"He Said, She Said!" Hilarious!

Tiago R. Lima "Mad Max" Andrade said...

I'd pay ALL THE MONEY to see a Shulkie TV series based in the Dan Slott run. (The first volume with the fun, silly stuff such as Spider-Man suing J. Jonah Jameson, not the later issues where things got way too weird.)

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