Monday, June 22, 2015

Iron Man 2020 and The Future Flash

Continuing off from yesterday's cover, I finally get a chance to feature the cool costume that Wally West of the future wore in a memorable story line from The Flash.  There have been many alternate looks for the Scarlet Speedster, but this one is my favorite,  It is still clearly The Flash, but with a nice modern feel that still manages to evoke the original Jay Garrick outfit.  I was kind of hoping Wally of the present day would graduate to this costume once Barry Allen returned but, alas, DC had other plans.


Anonymous said...

Truth to tell, the Future Flash costume looks like a cross between those worn by Marvel's Quicksilver and the Silver Age Doc Samson.

P.S.---how about Bucky O'Hare meets Outer Space Usagi and Hoppy the Marvel Bunny?

Giulio said...

I wish to see a team-up between Dr. Doom and The Brain...from Pinky & The Brain. What are they gonna do tonight but ruling the world ?

Zoinks! Graphics said...

Only 5 years until Iron Man 2020!

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