Monday, June 8, 2015

Scalphunter and Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

The newest installment in the Jurassic Park franchise is about to hit theaters and I wonder if it will be able to recapture some of the magic from the first film.  Chris Pratt certainly has the acting chops to anchor the movie, but some of the plot points - creating new hybrid dinosaurs, training raptors to work with humans - sound pretty wonky.  I may wait for the rental on this one.


pblfsda said...

Looks like Chris Pratt is the new Brendan Fraser. Comparing their IMDB pages, next up for him would be a live action movie based on a goofy cartoon character as soon as his son (almost 3 years old now) is old enough to watch movies.

Too bad Scalphunter didn't appear on painted covers. These guys would have been mighty impressive fighting a Gold Key era dinosaur.

Anonymous said...

Most of my fellow fanboys would probably be anal-retentive enough to point out that Turok was a pre-Columbian Native American. But, given that Rex the Wonder Dog (and even Revolutionary War hero Tomahawk!)had one or two Silver Age misadventures with dinosaurs, I could picture Scalphunter somehow stumbling into Skartaris through a non-polar nexus.*

*In which case, a sequel cover featuring these two teaming up with buffalo-riding Strong Bow might be ideal!

Alaric Shapli said...

Anonymous- the original Turok, Son of Stone was pre-Columbian, but, according to Wikipedia, when he was revamped as Turok, Dinosaur Hunter, they changed his time period of origin to the 18th century, and apparently changed the dinosaur-infested land he was stuck in from a lost valley to some sort of place outside time or something. Personally, I like the original idea better, but this is apparently the "Dinosaur Hunter" version.

Anonymous said...

Then, more's the pity, Alaric.

"Lock up my heart and throw away the Gold Key."

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