Sunday, June 21, 2015

Iron Man and The Flash

Iron Man is one of those characters that artists make their mark on through various armor redesigns.  It's cool to see the different interpretations over the years.  Still, the classic red and gold suit that he wore for most of my youth will always be my favorite - even if it doesn't look as high tech as his recent armors do.  I still hope we will see a version of the above suit on the big screen one day.

Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion to this story tomorrow!


Bill said...

Nice use of a rare Kirby Flash!

Wild Card said...

This is also the armour I grew up with. This is the armour that always looks right to me. Anything else is just temporary for the story. While the armour may evolve over time, this is still how I always expect it to look.

Anonymous said...

You guys are right on both counts.

1) I can't honestly recall Jack Kirby ever drawing the Silver Age Flash. Otherwise, that's one back-issue I would _never_ have donated to the public library.

2) The red-and-gold armor I first saw him wear (against Princess Python, no less!) was the all-time best version, as far as I'm permanently concerned. The model just before it, with the M-shaped eyebrows, made him look like an armor-plated Daredevil. While the one immediately afterward, with a nasal aperture and hinged jaw on the face mask, made him resemble a red-and-gold clone of the Tin Woodman of Oz!

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Do you young guys remember when the red and gold design was shown as Tony Stark putting on all the red items and the gold came out of the gloves and boots? It was in the 70s and seemed really weird. He still had to put most of the costume on, so he wasn't saving much time.

Also, love the red and yellow on Flash, as well, good layout for both characters. Bravo, Ross!

Scott Cummins said...

It was that way through 200 when the silver centurion armor was introduced. I remember reading in a issue of Iron Man it was like silk until it "polarized" to become steel.

David Welsh said...

It was Super Powers miniseries #2 from 1984.

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