Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Justice League of America and Doc Samson

I see that Marvel is once again going to be introducing an all-new Hulk (latest rumors having Amadeus Cho being the one who transforms).  This might have been exciting news for me a few decades ago, but Marvel has gone to this well a few too many times.  I think I liked it better when the only spin-offs were She-Hulk and Doc Samson.  Old Jade Jaws seemed a little more unique then.

You would think that Batman would have warned his JLA teammates not to consult with Doc Samson, considering how his solo session went.


AirDave said...

Cool cover!
I think I was more drawn to the television series and could not adjust the unusual extended cast of The Hulk. I picked up the paperback collections of the early issues and beyond Rick Jones, some of the characters just seemed weird. The first actual comic I had of the Hulk featured the character Glorian...

Marc Harkness said...

She-Hulk is great. Doc Samson? Sure... But what marvel has done with the Hulks reminds me of the Army deciding EVERYONE would be issued berets so they'd all feel special. What's the point of THE HULK when everyone is being a Hulk?

Anonymous said...

Doc Samson committing the JLA?

Hector Hammond must've made him do it.

Michael Jones said...

I suspect the one committing them would be Hugo Strange.
Hmm, I know that Adam and Stephen are related. Could Hugo be another relative of theirs?

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